Selective Soldering Machine

Rs. 15lacs onwards / piece (approximate price)

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This is table- top selective soldering machine. The machine has programmable solder temp, wave height, wave duration. Solder wave fountain is created thru various sizes of nozzles suitable for different components. PCB is kept on lazer beam guided location on table, wave command is given by foot switch, solder wave touches component form below for programmed time. This machine is also used as thru hole PCB rework station.

Display Type  Digital
Frequency  50 Hz
Packaging Type  Carton Box
Surface Finish  Polished
Country of Origin  Made in India
Automation Grade  Automatic
Input Voltage  230V


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In wave soldering, PCBs are soldered by passing them through a wave of solder. But whereas in reflow soldering, hot air is used to solder the electronic components on the board.

Wave soldering is ideal for soldering THT (Through Hole Technology) assembly. Besides, the process is affordable and can solder bulk PCBs in a short time. Hence, it is preferable for commercial soldering.

Wave soldering is not suitable for soldering surface-mounted components. Besides, other soldering techniques such as reflow soldering are preferred over the wave soldering technique. Hence, its use has decreased considerably in recent years.

When the temperature of the board increases suddenly, it will go into a thermal shock leading to its failure. To prevent this, the board undergoes a preheating process that raises its temperature gradually. Also most of thee fluxes get active at elevated temperatures hence preheating is important.

  • 1. Fast
  • 2. Saving of solder metal
  • 3. Better quality solder joint

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