Import Assistance

With years of experience behind us, we can guide & help you import these chemicals in a hassle free & affordable way.

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Finding a supplier is difficult & exhaustive.
The quantity you need is lesser than MOQ.

We help you find the right supplier with the quantity you want.

There aren’t a lot of carriers who can help import Dangerous Goods (DG).
The process is complex & can be frustrating. The cost could often be unpredictable.

We understand your needs & help you have a seamless & hassle free experience.

The goods have very specific packaging,labeling & certification requirements.
Picking the most suitable agency is crucial.

We help you with arranging the packaging, labeling, certifcations & transport needs for your goods. We arrange special vehicles that can pick up the DG goods

Shipping documentation can be time consuming & tricky.
Finding the best mode of shipping is vital.

We guide you through all steps, restrictions & specifications

The goods can get stuck because they need more technical details & certifications than you have.
Goods can get confiscated if the import guidelines are not met perfectly.

We make sure the goods pass customs smoothly

Finding warehouses that store Dangerous Goods(DG) is not very easy

We help you find DG suitable warehouses.

Your goods are delivered to you safely, timely & affordably!

Coating Services

If you said yes to any of the above question, Congratulations… you are in the right place! We have perfected the coating process for years & we are happy to help you do this.

After Sales Maintainance

We focus on providing a great customer experience even after you have bought from us. Here are all the professional & cost effective services we provide:

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